„Nature is a doctor for all diseases”


We started our business In 2015. We set up our orchard at Sydół near Zvolen, in central Poland, far from industrial areas and highways. We are committed to organic farming/production. We grow, buy and sell haskap berries.

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Production of wholesome food that supports health prevention and a sense of well-being

Protection against cancer

Increased amounts of polyphenols (compounds considered to prevent cancer) compared to conventional counterparts

Healthy food

Organic food has been considered healthier for years, with fruit from organic farming having up to 60% more active ingredients.

Objective of organic farming

Organic food (Eco, bio) is our mission, our cultivation makes us proud, and the most important thing is your health.


Raw materials have a much higher resistance to decomposition: they are better stored during the winter, the spoilage rate is much slower. This is crucial for health and economic.

Nutritional value

Fruits contain more dry matter and therefore less water, so they have a higher nutritional value.

Health support

By including this food in our daily menu, we support our health and prevent various diseases.

Why us?


In our cultivation we use only natural fertilizers, we remove weeds mechanically.

Healthy food

Organic food has been considered healthier for years, with fruit from organic farming having up to 60% more active ingredients.

Product variety

In our offer you can find goods of the highest quality and health: fresh and frozen fruit, home-made jam, juices and tinctures.

100% natural

In our cultivation we use only natural fertilizers

Haskap Berries- becomes more and more popular



Fruits are/ Fruit is an important component of everyday nutrition, they are classified as food products characterized by low calorific value, carbohydrate richness, including fiber and minerals, vitamins that directly affect the proper metabolic processes in the human body.


Kamchatka berry - a fruit-forming, long-lived plant, a variety of the honeysuckle, in Poland there are various names for the Kamchatka berry (blue honeysuckle, honeysuckle, blue honeysuckle, edible honeysuckle, lonica, kamchat).


The haskap berry fruit is fleshy, oval, oblong, color: dark blue, dark purple with a characteristic blue-wax coating, unique sweet and sour taste, combining blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and blackberry. It reaches a length of 1. 5 ÷ 2. 5 cm and a width of up to 1 cm.


Fruits of this plant are increasingly popular in Poland. Its fruit is gaining recognition all over the world - in recent years also in Poland.


Plant dyes that give them a black colour. The content of anthocyanins in Kamchatka berries is incomparably higher than in vegetables or known fruits, ranging from 1240 to 3510 mg per 100 g of fresh berries in Polish varieties.

Vitamins and minerals

Berry fruits are a rich source of vitamin C (up to 186. 6 mg/100g), which is essential for the production of collagen; takes part in the proper healing of wounds, broken bones or the absorption of petechiae, facilitates the absorption of nonhemic iron and calcium in the digestive tract; affects the immune system, takes part in the fight against infections and the production of antibodies; lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, protects blood vessels and has antihistamines properties.

High antiradical activity


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Berry fruits are tasty and healthy both raw and in preserves (jams, juices or desserts).

Invest in your health, fitness and well-being!

Kamchatka berry has great potential!

We invite to cooperation not only individual customers, but also wholesalers, shops, confectioneries, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

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